For this project we had to get really creative. The existing property consisted of a traditional gambrel roof single family home. Our clients needed something bigger where they could host friends and family. Instead of demolishing the existing, we worked carefully with the zoning by-laws and the planning department and were able to design a home big enough for our client, and convert the existing into an auxiliary building capable of being used as a rental suite. Now the challenge was to design something that blended with and reflected the beautiful features of the existing.

We decided to match the roof slopes and existing materiality. By running sun studies we were able to make sure our new build still got enough eastern light, while making the most of the south exposure for solar gains. We also realized that once you elevated yourself a few feet, you had beautiful views south-east to Blackcomb, and south to Whistler. To capitalize on this we placed the main living area and south facing decks on the second floor, with 2 car garage below. We placed both decks on the south side to capture as much warmth and light as possible to be usable year-round. One is large and uncovered, perfect for relaxing in the summer sun. The other is smaller, covered and cosy to easily heat in the winter. At GNAR we believe in designing buildings that are future proof, so we used FireSmart materials on any exposed faces. In the more protected and inhabited zones we used natural wood and stone.

We were also fortunate to work on the interior of this home. Our Interior Design team created a set of beautiful rooms that cater to the needs of the expanding family. The thoughtful application of light wood textures helped brighten and invigorate the space, enhanced by a charming fireplace that commands attention as the room’s centrepiece. This cozy living room provides a perfect spot for the family to savour their morning coffee while soaking in the breathtaking views.

Building Design – GNAR Inc.
Interior Design – GNAR Inc.
CVC Construction
Engineer – Allester Engineering
Completion Date – Summer 2024