Bowen Island New Build that Features Amazing Views

This is a 3 bedroom home built for a couple of recent empty nesters. With that in mind, they have made the 2 extra bedrooms multi-functional so that when the kids do come and visit they have somewhere to stay, but they will be used as a office and a gym in the interim.

The house was designed with large southern facing windows that will provide for bright interior spaces and solar heat gains to reduce heating demands in the winter. The owners wanted to limit as much impact on the surrounding environment so very little excavation work was needed and the concrete foundations will be scribed and connected with dowels to work with the site topography. Another cool feature is the glazing combined with continuation of materials inside and out help blur the lines between the outside and inside spaces. In order to future-proof the house and protect it from heat waves, the owners have installed a rainwater harvesting system with the majority of that water being used for their garden and outside needs instead of using potable water.

The interior of this house was designed by our In-House Interior Design team and has so many cool features. The living room is designed to be a big open space but has the ability to become a fully functioning office with the addition of a pocket wall.⁠ The Marmoleum floor throughout the house was created from natural and renewable materials making it a sustainable yet resilient flooring.

Building Design – GNAR Inc
Interior Design – GNAR Inc
BuilderElevated Building Co
Completed Date – Spring 2023