Single Family Home Build

This family of 4 built their new home just in time to move in for Christmas of 2020. This BC Energy Step Code 4 build incorporated Nudura ICF Foundations, BASF HP + XR prefabricated walls, EuroLine Passive House Windows, Airtight Solutions Aerobarrier system,  Radon Guard™ and Radon Block™, and an HRV system. This was a home design that RDC had constructed previously and was used again as it suites the narrow lot and steep back garden area. It was also RDC’s first panel project that panelized all the floors, walls, and roof in their shop down in Function Junction.

They also used a fibre cement siding to make it fire smart and fire safe. This home really ticked off a lot of boxes for safety, efficiency and health for the homeowners, way to go to everyone involved!

BIM Consultant – GNAR Inc
BuilderRDC Fine Homes
Completion Date – Christmas 2020