This project took all of our local knowledge and expertise to get the two Build Permits required to make it happen – one to legitimize unpermitted work and the other for an addition. The project is in a SPEA and a REPA zone, meaning it is a sensitive Riparian Area which are the areas bordering on streams, lakes, and wetlands that link water to land. ⁠This meant we worked closely with an Environmental Consultant to create an Environmental Impact Statement and know exactly what and where we could build. At GNAR Inc. we believe in designing both for the good of our clients and for the environment.

For the addition our clients wanted to add as much area as was allowable, to include a large two car garage, mudroom, a new distinct formal entryway, and full master suite, comprising of a bedroom, bathroom and walk-in closet. It was really important to make the addition blend in with the existing architectural elements to make it feel as though it was always there, while also giving the project some real curb appeal. An energy upgrade was also designed for the existing home, which is now externally insulated with new triple glazed windows and siding which ties the old and the new together.

By making clever use of the Zoning Bylaws and playing with the existing grade, we were able to get all as-built basement area legitimized, while also getting the whole basement level area excluded from the gross floor area calculation. This meant we had enough area left over to add our client’s dream master suite. Our careful designing of the finished grade also meant we could make the addition tall enough to give our clients incredible views to the south east of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains right from their new bedroom.

We were careful not to disturb any environmental aspect within the SPEA, and we had to replace anything affected within the REPA. By working closely with the RMOW Planning Department and Cascade Environmental, we were able to get both Build Permits and make this project a reality.

Building Design – GNAR Inc
Environmental Consultant – Cascade Environmental
Survey Services – Doug Bush
Engineer – Kontur Geotechnical
Completed Date – Summer 2024