It was extremely important to our clients to have a home with a strong connection with nature and an abundance of natural light. We drew inspiration from Nordic architecture, which has heavily influenced Canadian Architect since the 1950’s, due to its similar climate and available resources.

Nordic Architecture has a beautiful connection with natural light, due to the low levels it receives for much of the year. Natural light can decrease Seasonal Affective Disorder, helps circulate of circadian rhythm, while increasing our serotonin, melatonin and vitamin D levels. It can improve our productivity, while reducing our eye fatigue and stress levels.

We carefully modelled the site topography, trees and surrounding mountains to a high detail and took exact coordinates and elevations with a drone, which allowed us to run extremely accurate sun path diagrams for all 4 seasons.

We pushed as high as we could into the treetops to create a treehouse feel, whilst giving a complete panorama view of Wedge, Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains, as well as Green Lake and the Valley below. We have lots of glazing to allow light to enter the building, but these are all protected with large overhangs to avoid any overheating.

Up high on the decks you are surrounded by wooden elements to feel connected to the trees, while down low you are surrounded by natural stone to feel more grounded and safe. This project is truly embedded in its surroundings.

Building Design – GNAR Inc
Interior Design – GNAR Inc
Builder – CVC Custom Builders
Engineers – Twin Peaks Engineering
Completed Date – Summer 2025