Treehouse Oasis

Welcome to this real life “Treehouse” that was built with Mother Nature in mind.  The owners want to be able to reach out and touch the trees which is exactly what they are able to do!⁠ The goal of this design was to disturb the surrounding area as little as possible, so the house itself was built on posts. This allows very little impact on the environment around the house including the root system of all the trees they are incorporating into the build instead of cutting down. ⁠They also provide privacy and natural shading.

The house is oriented to the South to maximize solar gains while also allowing Westerly views of the Sechelt inlet. The house uses Fire smart materials, with low embodied carbon, to keep the home and occupants safe.

The roof terrace creates an area for the occupants to grow their own seasonal fruit and vegetables in raised beds without attracting bears and other wildlife, and replaces the vegetation being covered below by the house itself. The increase in elevation also allows the users to see above the treetops to the Inlet giving them exceptional views in their bath tub, a more sustainable option over a hot tub. 

Building Design – GNAR Inc
Builder – Lincoln Construction
Engineer – Allester Engineering
Completed Date – Summer 2024