GNAR Platform is a global platform providing building and design professionals with the opportunity to expand their practice globally.  GNAR Platform provides all the resources and tools necessary for successful online collaboration to design robust commercial and residential projects.  The community that GNAR Inc. curates helps to connect individuals and small practices to support their project designs and bring forward the best environmental, technological, and sustainable design practices into their process.

GNAR Platform Goals:

  • Establish a global presence through global collaboration
  • Create more robust residential and commercial projects
  • Provide collaborators and customers with 24 hour operations through strategic geopositioning


GNAR Inc. is leading the way forward on green building and sustainable design by leveraging the power of exponential technology and the advances this offers to the building industry.  GNAR Inc. offers a platform for clients, builders, and design professionals to connect and collaborate to generate increasingly improved designs and project outcomes.

GNAR Platform Whistler