What is GNAR Inc?

GNAR Inc by definition is Global Network Agency Resources Incorporated and was co-founded by Edgar Dearden in 2016.  He wanted to create a company that keeps Mother Nature top of mind when designing homes. 

At GNAR Inc we have the skill set to incorporate architectural and structural drawings together in one neat 3D BIM model.  This ensures a fully coordinated set of drawings that are used for permit applications and construction.  This allows the builder and all consultants on a project to understand every detail before breaking ground.  Our skilled Architectural Technicians are able to create a 3D BIM model and bring your home design to life allowing for a seamless interactive experience.  

At GNAR Inc we are aware of the serious impact architecture has on the world and the consequences for the environment.  Our goal is to make positive change through considerate sustainable design.

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A Passive House Is a Comfortable Home

Consistent in-home temperatures
through cold winter and hot summer
months are achieved through the
Passive House building standards.

A Passive House Is
About the Future

By designing a home that meets
the Passive House standards you
are choosing to lower your home’s
carbon emissions today with the
hopes of creating a better tomorrow.

A Passive House
Is an Investment

The extremely low running
costs associated with operating
a Passive House will quickly offset
any additional upfront costs incurred.

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